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Online Poker is perhaps not the first thing you would associate with Sky TV, but if you look a bit closer it's easy to see why this is a great idea for a company that is completely in control of what is beamed to your satellite dish. The novel features such as being able to play through your TV and also be broadcast playing live on your TV are something that only a company like Sky could offer and, it has to be said, they are doing a pretty good job!

Sky Poker probably won't be first choice for those looking to make a huge profit from their online gambling, but for people who just want to have a bit of fun and hopefully make a pound or two in the process it's great. There are three choices of client – through your browser, downloaded to your computer or directly through your TV. This is a great choice to offer and so we are sure it won't leave many people unable to access Sky Poker in some way. The downloadable and browser-based clients are very similar and high quality with neat, sharp graphics. The TV version is actually almost identical too and it is surprisingly easy to find your way around – even using a TV remote control.

One slight downside of Sky Poker is that it doesn't offer some of the huge prize tournaments that online poker sites we are used to tend to do. The biggest we could see at the time of writing was £25,000, which is still not to be sniffed at though! Sky does make up for this by offering a great variety of tournaments such as bounty hunters and races to keep things interesting. The big draw is that the main event each week is broadcast live on the Sky Poker Channel on television. Presenters commentate on the big games and it's entirely possible you will be able to see yourself playing on the screen. If you think the presenters have given you a hard time there is a once a week opportunity to take them on online to get them back!

Sky Poker offers a simple reward scheme which is possibly not as profitable as some sites, but makes it easy to know exactly what to expect in bonuses. The web site provides a simple table showing how many points you need to get to get a certain level of cash bonus each month. There aren't any named levels as such, or freeroll tournaments, but the cash bonuses are quite generous and you don't need to get lots of reward points to start getting them.

Sky Poker is a great choice for anyone looking for a casual gaming experience without too many hardened poker sharks around. Even though there aren't the huge tournaments that some sites offer there is still plenty of opportunity to win big and make a profit. However, if you are looking for a really profitable site with a big reward scheme we recommend checking out some of the sites in our top ten list of the best online poker sites we have found.

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