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Betfair Poker Review

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Online poker is big business these days and so it's no wonder there are so many excellent sites on the web that are trying to get in on the act. The fact there are so many makes it difficult to pick an absolute favourite in this category, but we have done our best  and BetFair Poker comes out on top. It was a close run thing and all the sites in our top ten, especially those near the top, are well worth a look. However, BetFair Poker's capability to cater for absolute beginners as well as poker pros, along with its high value prizes and active community won it for us. It's a truly top notch service so read on to find out why we think it's the best or just take our word for it and sign up right now!

The sign up process for Betfair Poker is as simple as it gets. You just have to provide a few details to get started with an account and this will allow you to start playing on the free tables right away. To start playing you will have to download the client, but this won't take very long on a decent broadband connection and having it on your desktop means you get a much richer user interface than a web based client. It's also compatible with Pc or Mac so no one is left out! When you fire the client up you will instantly see the effort that has gone into providing a stylish and easy to use experience as you play. Even if you have never tried poker before in your life you will soon pick up the basics through all the help that's provided as you go. If you know the ropes and just want to start winning as much as possible you will be glad to know it's possible to play on up to 15 tables simultaneously.

Betfair Poker provides a range of different poker styles to try and plenty of tables and tournaments for each. There are always thousands of players online too so you will certainly never be stuck for someone to play against. When you start out you will probably want to stick to the low stakes tables where the blinds are as low as 1 cent. However, as you get better and see yourself winning more regularly you might want to go for the higher stakes tables where the blinds can be anything up to $2,000. 

  The highest value tournament daily has a guaranteed prize of $15,000 which is a great incentive to get practising your poker skills.  

Playing in any kind of real money game builds up your player points which is a kind of measure of your ranking on the site. Even if you don't win a hand you build up some player points just by participating. These can be swapped for cash or other rewards at certain levels if you join the players club or can be used to buy into one of the many tournaments Betfair Poker hold every day. The highest value tournament daily has a guaranteed prize of $15,000 which is a great incentive to get practising your poker skills. There are also other even higher value tournaments organised weekly and monthly with prizes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, if your means don't stretch that far there are plenty of tournaments every day with much lower buy-ins.

If you don't think you are good enought to start playing in the tournaments straight away, help is on hand in the form of an active poker community and a huge selection of articles on tips and strategies. A few hours reading and you will soon have plenty of winning stories to share with other players on the community forums. However, as everyone knows things don't always go quite that well and it's possible you might find yourself spending a bit more than is sensible to try to win big. If you see this happening to yourself it's time to take advantage of the self-exclusion feature which will lock out your account for a specified period and no amount of pleading and begging to customer service staff will get it re-opened! It's good to know that Betfair are taking gambling addiction seriously, but hopefully it will never come to that!

Betfair Poker is well deserved of its place at the top of our top ten list. It offers so many features that we don't have time to cover them all in this review and then a few more still. The prizes on offer are huge and offered daily in a variety of different tournament types, but it's equally possible to win big on the sit-and-go tables. The dowloadable client is very well produced and makes it easy to jump right in and begin playing, but equally easy for pros to maximise their time. All in all Betfair Poker is an excellent online poker site offering a great and very well run service. Check it out today!

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