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Pacific Poker is one of the oldest and best known online poker sites on the web. Since so many people hear about it thanks to its constant advertising it is known for having a lot of raw players from wom experienced players can win a lot of money. This shouldn't put you off if you are a new player though as there is plenty of opportunity to hone your skills at smaller stakes tables where pros don't bother to go. Pacific Poker isn't quite the site it was during its heyday?? but still offers almost everything you could want from a good online poker site.

Signing up for an account can be done either through the Pacific Poker web site or by downloading the client to your computer and filling in the form that way. Mac users are limited to the browser based method as the client isn't compatible with Mac OS. It is still possible to play the game through your browser on a Mac or a Pc, but the best experience is with the downloadable client. As far as clients go it's not the best we have ever seen, but is easy to use and provides lots of useful features to help your game. One of these is the ability to record notes on players as you play. If you come across the same player again you can simply click a button to view what you wrote about them previously - very useful in one of the multi-table tournaments where you might meet the same player more than once!

Another great thing you can do with the Pacific Poker client is save detailed records of all the hands you have played. This can be dumped to a file on your hard drive which can then be analyzed with external software to figure out how to improve your game. It works for all the different poker styles that Pacific Poker offers so your game is sure to get better no matter which you prefer. There are plenty of different table types catering to whichever style of limit you prefer too. Stakes go as high as $500 on some of them so even if you are a high rolling pro you should find something to satisfy the itch!

Pacific Poker is well known for offering a large number of free roll tournaments whereby it is completely free to enter, but there is still a big cash prize on offer. You will benefit the most from these if you join the VIP program whereby you will gain entry to the weekly $10,000 free roll tournament. However, even if you don't want to join the VIP program you will find plenty of tournaments offering big prizes or you can qualify for major poker events. A great feature is that you can also host your own private tournament where you set the rules and get to invite whoever you want. This makes up partly for the fact that Pacific Poker perhaps doesn't offer quite as many high value tournaments as some of the sites higher up our top ten list.

As you play in real money games on Pacific Poker you build up player points in the same manner as you do on most poker sites. The amount you get is based on the rake taken from each hand you play in and Pacific Poker has a slightly higher rake rate than most sites. On the plus side this means you build up more points, but obviously at the cost of slightly more cash being taken from each pot. Player points can be redeemed as cash or spent on products from the online shop so it's a great way of getting something back even if you lose a lot of hands.

Pacific Poker is a good place to play poker online, but is slightly more suited to advanced players than those just starting out. However, there are still play money tables and low stakes real money tables where new players can try things out. As we mentioned there are also perhaps slightly fewer tournaments for big prizes than compared to some other sites, but still plenty to get your teeth into and there are regular qualifiers for big events. Signing up is completely free so it's definitely worth having a go to see if Pacific Poker is for you.

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